Beer and the British goes to IAMCR

British beer culture is currently in the midst of a revival. The influence and popularity of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and the US-originated Craft Beer movement is seemingly at its peak, with a range of microbrewed beers as readily available in high street chain pubs across the UK as in more exclusive craft bars. However, these movements and the popularity of the drinks they advocate are not as modern as they initially appear, and in fact draw on the iconography, tastes and sensibilities of the British past, especially those of the British Empire.

On July 30th, Bournemouth University brought its interactive lecture on Beer, Empire and British drinking cultures to Leicester, setting up at the International Association for Media and Communication Research’s annual conference.

The sold-out event was conference highlight, showcasing what a bit of creativity (and optional beer drinking) can do to perk up a lecture theatre.