September 20, 2016

BU Innovation Booth at MeCCSA 2017

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Turn your research into resources for social change.

MeCCSA 2017
University of Leeds
Thursday January 12, 2017
in the Clothworkers Foyer

Book an interactive, one-on-one session with our team of communication designers, storytellers and public engagement experts at MeCCSA 2017.

keele workshopAt the BU Innovation Booth we will use hands-on activities for turning your research into resources for public engagement through storytelling, visualisation and communication design. Sessions will consist of short exercises that explore questions like:

  • How can you use visualisations in your research?
  • Is there an interactive map hiding in your last project?
  • How can character loglines and plot devices help you to create visual narratives from your work?
  • How can you engage with iconography and graphic design to reach wider audiences?
  • What visualisation and analysis tools can help you reach new audiences?

There will also be sign-up spots on the day and mini-activities where you can win free books for those passing through. Drop by our booth in the Clothworkers Foyer and give them a go!

Facilitators: Anna Feigenbaum, Sam Goodman, Brad Gyori, Daniel Jackson, Einar Thorsen (Bournemouth University) w/ Minute Works communications design (Manchester, UK). For the past three years, our Civic Media team at Bournemouth University has been training researchers, journalists and NGOs in data storytelling. For MeCCSA 2017, we are taking our team on the road to bring conference participants the BU Innovation Booth.

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