January 5, 2017

Publishing Partnership Initiative

Do you have an incomplete paper that you’ve been sitting and can’t seem to finish? Have you recently presented at a conference, but haven’t worked-up a paper out of your presentation yet? Did you get a rejection and are struggling to get motivated again? Or maybe you’ve written a couple chapters of your PhD and are hoping to turn one into a publication?

Whatever the scenario, CEMP’s new Publishing Partnership Initiative (PPI) can help you to collaborate with other researchers to turn your ideas into viable REF-ready journal articles.

Publishing Partnership Workshop
Thursday January 26th
Talbot Campus, BU
WG 05 (Weymouth House)

To launch the initiative, this workshop will introduce the Publishing Partnership Initiative and help you find a good match to develop your REF output. We will also discuss strategies and tips for working toward REF submissions:

11:00-11:15 Introductions and coffee

11:15-11:30 Welcome to the PPI scheme (Anna and Richard)

11:30-12:00 Hear No Evil, See No Evil: What you need to know about REF and the Sterne review (Julian & Dan J)

12:00-12:45 Interactive session: Strategies for fitting writing into our busy schedules (Brad & Karen)

12:45-13:15 Academic Match.com: Finding the right journal and writing partner for your research output (Anna and Isa)

13:15-14:00 Catered planning lunch with our publishing partners

To participate: Send a 500+ word rough draft or outline of a potential research paper to AND Richard by Monday 23rd January 2017. This might be an abandoned draft, a conference version of a paper presentation or an outline for a possible research paper. At this stage, any draft you have might be gold, so don’t be shy!

To be a mentor or writing partner: Send an email with a list of your research and methodological areas of expertise to  AND Richard by Monday 23rd January 2017.

Eat your Success! Partners who successfully submit a paper to a peer review journal within the 5 month time frame will receive a ‘dinner for two’ voucher to celebrate their success.*

*Voucher is worth up to £45.00. Does not cover alcoholic beverages.


We will aim to pair colleagues around their expertise either in research areas or in relation to the methodological approach. At least one partner will be accustomed to journal publishing and the REF process, as well as with the challenges facing us to find the time to research and write. In the first instance, this workshop is geared toward UoA 25, 34 and 36 entries (covering Education, Media Practice and Media Studies).

How does the Publishing Partnership Work?

There are two routes for journal article publication support:

Route 1: Mentorship – Project drafts will be submitted to your publishing partner every other week. You will receive detailed feedback, and advice on submission and formatting, to be incorporated before the next draft.

Route 2: Co-authorship – You will partner with someone who has expert knowledge in your research area or methodological expertise that will be able to contribute to the writing and shaping of your article. You will set weekly targets together and both get listed as authors on the publication.

Target à Submission to a peer review journal in 5 months.

Can’t make the date? Email your draft and outline to Anna AND Richard with a brief covering email that states what kind of support you are looking for and we will try and match you.

Interested in book chapter writing rather than journals? We are focusing on journal articles as they align with our KPIs, but you can discuss the best outlet for your work with your publishing partner. Writing book chapters can be a good confidence boost, so it’s a great place to start, and the Workshop will point you in the direction of ‘call for paper’ (cfp) mailing lists.