Bookmark_Principles of Data Visualisation

This resource is a quick reference on the principles of data visualisations to think about how design choices influence how works are interpreted by end users.


The numerical and factual information are not the only elements in data visualisations that are being interpreted by end users. For example, when used ambiguously symbols can confuse how a visualisation is read. (gingerbread man shape = male…every time…this figure is gendered) And, while this simplified bookmark can’t help you solve the data viz world’s challenges it can help you to think self-reflectively on your own work or can be used as an introductory guide for students.

This bookmark is a resource developed in partnership for a bespoke workshop we facilitated in the winter of 2018 on data storytelling and visualisations. This bookmark can be downloaded in the following links (front download here) (back download here). Principles depicted are colour, symbol, captions, editorial and imagined futures. This resource is most effective when printed as the front and back of a single bookmark. The files are for printing on A4 sized paper (landscape). We hope this quick reference will be a visual reminder of what to considering what to produce and how it might be interpreted.


Artist credit: Alexandra P Alberda T: @ZandraAlberda

Civic Media Hub resource developed in partnership with Public Health Dorset