Cultural Heritage Landscapes and Deathscapes Seminars

21st May – Cultural heritage landscapes and deathscapes – 13.00-14.00, PG19 (Talbot Campus)

Craig Young (Reader in Human Geography at Manchester Met University), Tim Darville (BU SciTech AAFS), Anne Luce (BU M & C)

Craig is currently organising a seminar series which will include the politics of (re-)burial, trade in body parts, dark tourism, body donation, diaspora and bodily disposal, the ethics of excavation, ‘green’ burial and theological perspectives on the dead body. In this seminar he will give us a perspective on corpse geographies and deathscapes (places for death, dying, mourning and remembrance). He will be joined by Tim Darvill (BU SciTech AAFS) who has recently published on life, death, ritual and regional identity in Britain c. 1600 BC and by Ann Luce (BU M & C) who will bring a perspective from her research into suicide rates across the US and UK, discourses on suicide and suicide in the media.