February 20, 2015


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In efforts to address the growing need for reflective and practical pedagogy in working with data, in January of 2015 our interdisciplinary team of faculty, students and support staff at Bournemouth University launched the BU Datalabs project.

We worked in collaboration with NGOs, journalists and digital designers to develop hands-on, data aggregation, visualisation and digital storytelling workshops designed specifically for dealing with civic and humanitarian issues.

Over six months we hosted a series of BU-based and public workshops, funded by a BU  Fusion Co-Creation and Co-Production grant. These activities and our reflections on them were first documented in our final project report, ‘Telling Data Stories Together.’ You can read our full report here: Datalabs final report_pdf and our article for Journalism Education here journal_20issue_205-2

Based on our project findings, we are currently creating new workshops and professional development classes, as well as designing bespoke session with our project partners. If you are interested in visiting our BU-based Innovation Hub or hosting a BU Datalabs event at your institution, contact us by emailing: afeigenbaum [at] bournemouth.ac.uk.