Las Vegas Casinos Reopened and Overly Excited Crowd hinders Social Distance

Las Vegas Casinos Reopened and Overly Excited Crowd hinders Social Distance

Coronavirus has frozen all industries, including entertainment and casinos. 

Fortunately US loosened ‘stay home’ lockdown policy starting June 2020. People may have been very very bored and frustrated. As to show how much, on the first day reopen of famous Las Vegas casinos, they were jam packed with excited patrons. 

Casinos 파워볼사이트 in Nevada began reopening beginning first week Thursday of June. 

The popular The D Casino was full of people, packed to the point that it seemed nearly impossible to keep social distance according to the local news. Even if dealers were wearing masks, there was not enough space to observe social distancing. 

Prices were higher, as the gondola rides at the Venetian asked for higher fee. Interestingly the drivers are not allowed to sing. Prices spiked due to limited capacity of the gondola. 

Some people were complaining on social media that reopen might have been too soon. 

However the authorities in Nevada stated that guidelines for COVID19 were given by Gaming Control Board. Live entertainmet is forbedden and all workers who meet customers are mandated to wear masks, including dancing bartenders. Establishments were required follow the rules but smaller casinos may have struggled to keep the social distance rule. A number of customers were said to be not wearing masks, an alarming sight. 

But those who visited, on the pictures looked very happy to have returned to the offline 파워볼사이트 games of slot machines and tables. One man even managed to travel all the way from Anchorage to have few days of enjoying the Casinos. 

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