new social casino slot game called “Hopping Cash Casino”

new social casino(카지노사이트) slot game called “Hopping Cash Casino”

Game developer Mituzen recently released a new social casino slot game called “Hopping Cash Casino” on Google Play and Apple App Store. In February, Sand Square, a blockchain company, was incorporated as a subsidiary. Stock industry sources are paying keen attention to the direction of stock prices as they expect Mituzen to break away from undervaluation with the launch of P2E (a money-making game).

The main business of Mituzen is to develop and supply mobile(바카라사이트) games. It is a subsidiary of Me2on, a KOSDAQ-listed company, and currently serves games in North America, Europe, and Asia, and was listed on KOSDAQ in August 2020. It is serving the casual games TriPix Gurney and Solitaire, and the social casino games Classic Vegas and Double Hit worldwide. Currently, more than 25 social casino games and 10 solitaire games are provided on various platforms.

Starting at 22,800 won this year, Metuzen continued to decline and fell to 17,150 won on February 15. Since then, stock prices, which had been rising and falling around 20,000 won, showed signs of a rebound, fell again in May. Stock prices, which had fluctuated from the 17,000 won range, have fallen to the 16,000 won range since May 24. It recorded 17,150 won from the 30th of last month, and closed at 17,550 won on the 31st, up 400 won from the previous day.

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