playing poker simple docs

The dealer hands out the cards clockwise from his left.

And the dealer gets the card the most later.

There is a way to give three cards at this time, and there is a way to give a total of four cards by giving one more card.

First, if you get a card, you’ll throw away one card that you don’t need if you get four,

One of the three cards in your hand is spread on the floor and the other two are not seen.

When all participants open the card, they distribute the card clockwise from the ‘boss card’.

This is common to all situations from the third to the sixth, and the word ‘old’ refers to the number of cards received by each.

Currently, three places are opened and one is opened.

The Boss Card determines whether there is a pair of open cards,

If there is a pair, it is based on a high pair, and if it is the same pair, it is determined by the high number of other cards opened.

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